Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gluten-Free Tip: FAST FOOD

We rarely eat at fast food restaurants, but for those times when we're desperately hungry and in a huge hurry we veer off the road and into the drive-thru a couple times a year. Our vote for the best GF fast food restaurant is Wendy's. In fact I keep a copy of their GF menu in the car for those quick fixes. Go to, then click on "Food" and next "Nutrition Facts". On that page, under "Nutrition Topics," you will see "Menu Items Without Gluten" on right column which you can print out to have on hand. For a fast food joint Wendy's has a pretty good GF variety from their Taco Salad to their Bacon & Cheese Baked Potato...filled with salt, fat, and calories, but isn't that the point of fast food?

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