Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gluten-Free TIP: The GF BLUES

One of the most common symptoms of Celiac Disease is mild depression, which should be obvious…most people are depressed when they feel yucky all the time. However I’m referring to a different kind of blues. Once a person is diagnosed with CD a sort of mourning period often follows. A lot of emotion and affection is tied to food, so it is totally normal to feel really bummed out when you can no longer eat the stuff you literally love.

Lauren Komack, a board member of the Healthy Villi in Boston, is a psychologist who specializes in treating individuals with Celiac Disease. She knows (first-hand) that it can be extremely difficult to adjust to a gluten-free lifestyle on many levels including the social and psychological aspects. While it is perfectly normal to be upset and angry with a CD diagnosis, it is important to remember that it is just food and that many people have food restrictions due to allergies, religious observances, and illness. Relearning what you can eat takes time and patience, but the health benefits are worth celebrating!

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pingponger said...

gluten-free blues -- that's an understatement :) should i list all the foods i still miss????