Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gluten-Free Tip: Why bother?

It’s a pain to ask.

It’s easier to stick to what you know and never push the boundaries of your safe, small GF world.
But when you ask . . . wonderful things sometimes happen!

For example, FOWLES GOURMET MARKET ( on High Street in Newburyport, MA was recently sold to new owners. The old owners had sold gluten-free sausages and meat marinades which were well-known to GF consumers in the area.

When the new owners took over, they were surprised by the number of people requesting they continue to sell the GF meat products. In fact, the new owners were so impressed by so many people asking . . . that THEY asked GF customers for recommendations for other GF items they should carry. Before long, FOWLES began to stock popular GF pastas, breads, frozen meals, sauces, bars, sweets, and more. Now they keep a running gluten-free wish list! And at least a quarter of their store is currently dedicated to GF products.

So never hesitate to politely ask, even if it’s a bother.


Erin Swing said...

There's something to be said about a grass roots effort combined with people speaking up and other's listening to their needs. That's pretty awesome!

elizabeth atkinson said...

and there's a huge GF grassroots movement in this country i think, don't u?