Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Going to other people's homes during the holidays can be tricky for the gluten-free eater. On the one hand you don't want to make the host uncomfortable insisting on Glee! food, but on the other hand you want to enjoy a meal with all the other guests. We always tell the host how much we're looking forward to seeing everyone, then let them know we'll be bringing a couple of gluten-free dishes to share. This almost always prompts the host to ask what s/he can make. I inform them that anything freshly made (such as vegetables, mashed potatoes, plain meat) without wheat, barley or rye is long as we can just double-check the ingredients when we arrive. And our one request is that croutons and salad dressing are left off the salad and served on the side. Finally, we always insist that they not worry about dessert -- we either bring a g-f treat to share or skip it and just have decaf.

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